At the Christmas Party on the 8th December, 2011  Nicholas, having spent the last 7 years as the Director of the  Voice of Progress , said his farewell and handed over the leadership to his successor Charles Waring  saying that he thought it was time to let someone else have a go.  

Peter Langelaan proposed a toast to Nicholas and said a big thank you on behalf of all the volunteers and told him how we enjoyed being part of his team.  Peter also pointed out the ability Nicholas has to make it difficult for anyone to refuse any little task that he wanted doing,  because his pleasant powers of persuasion  are  second to none, so much so that it made one feel guilty to say no.   Charles interjected, agreeing whole heartedly, saying  “How do you think I finished up with the job?”

 The pictures are of Nicholas replying.  Surely now he will now have plenty of time to sit and watch Felicity editing the News! 

We wish Charles the very best in his new job, which is sure to make his time 'fly' by.

 A big thanks goes to Brenda Langelaan for organising the party and to everyone else who made it such a pleasant occasion for us to meet one another socially.

Sorry the pictures are small as they were taken on a mobile phone.